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 Call of Duty 5 Alliance

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[BCC] Im

PostSubject: Call of Duty 5 Alliance   Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:38 am

My clan [BCC] would like to forge an alliance with the Take Over clan clan? We believe we can improve your gaming experience with cheats and glitches. Contact us at bcc.clan@gmail.com or vist us at our website clanbcc.webs.com. We hope you will join us in battle.
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The Leader of TKO

PostSubject: Re: Call of Duty 5 Alliance   Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:54 am

I'll list the reasons why.

1. You are the 4th clan that has wanted to either merge or ally with us because of how we did in the "winter season" on Gamebattles.

2. Including you guys, those clans were also random.

3. We don't play competitive CoD anymore if you didn't get the memo.

4. The Conduit comes out in a little to 5 days. A CoD merge/alliance wouldn't do anything.

5. Improve the clan with cheats and glitches? We aren't the bad members of TK$. I'm just laughing at that offer to us. lol!

Feel free to respect my decision on the matter cause any other replies on the matter won't agree with your alliance. You offered and I gave you an answer on behalf of the clan.

"Use the pain of loss! The power comes in response to a need, not a desire!"

"The power comes in response to a need! You have to create that need!" -Goku, Dragonball Z
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Call of Duty 5 Alliance
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